Units Registry 1.0

The XBRL 2.1 specification requires that all numeric facts be associated with a unit, and mandates specific units to be used in a small number of cases such as monetary facts.

The Units Registry provide a centralised list of units, in order to promote consistent use of units across preparers and jurisdictions.

This specification defines the following registry locations:

Registry Location
Units Registry http://www.xbrl.org/utr/utr.xml history
Specification document:
Structure 2013-11-18 Recommendation history
Supporting documents:
Registry Conformance Suite 2013-05-17 Conformance suite history
Specification Conformance Suite 2013-11-18 Conformance suite history
Draft specification documents:
Conformance 2013-11-18 Candidate Recommendation history
Process 2011-12-21 Proposed Recommendation history