Report Packages 1.0

Report Packages provide a standardised mechanism for assembling XBRL and iXBRL reports, along with any supporting artefacts, into a single file. Artefacts may include an extension taxonomy, and image, font and styling files to support an iXBRL report.

Report Packages were originally defined by a Working Group Note that builds upon the Taxonomy Packages format. The Working Group Note has been adopted as the basis of the package format for a number of filing systems, and is supported by various software packages.

The Base Specification Working Group has now published requirements for a formal Report Packages specification, and an initial Public Working Draft of this specification. This specification is under development and is likely to change in future drafts. It is not yet ready for implementation or adoption.

For the moment, implementers should continue to use the Working Group Note. The Working Group Note forms the basis of the Report and Taxonomy Package module for XBRL Certified Software.

Draft specification documents:
Specification 2020-12-09 Public Working Draft history
Supporting documents for draft specifications:
Report Packages 2018-08-14 Working Group Note history
Requirements 2020-12-09 Requirements history