Inline XBRL 1.1

Inline XBRL 1.1 contains three substantive new features:

  • The addition of an extended mechanism, ix:continuation, for splitting text content within a document;
  • The addition of nesting of ix:nonFraction and ix:fraction elements, allowing the same figure to be tagged multiple times; and
  • The addition of support for fact-explanatoryFact links, by replacing the existing mechanism for structuring footnotes with a one based on a new element, ix:relationship.

Minor changes have been made to the grammar and layout of the specification in order to improve consistency and accuracy, but in other aspects, the specification has remained unchanged semantically from Inline XBRL 1.0.

Specification documents:
Part 1: Specification 2013-11-18 Recommendation history
Part 2: Schema 2013-11-18 Recommendation history
Supporting documents:
Conformance Suite 2020-04-08 Conformance suite history
Designing HTML for Inline XBRL 2023-04-19 Working Group Note history
Inline XBRL Block Tagging 2024-06-18 Working Group Note history
Inline XBRL Rendering Performance 2021-10-27 Working Group Note history
Part 0: Primer 2015-12-09 Overview document history